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Average rating for First Choice Waterproofing is 5 stars of 5 stars
Sump Pump Install in Hawthorne, NJ
I'm writing this 3 weeks after the work has been completed so I cannot provide a long term review. However, I can notice a significant change in the smell downstairs (it smelled musty and mold was found prior to this project) and it almost "feels" completely dry when I go into my basement now. I struggled with moisture and a very slow seeping of water into the basement. Just enough for mold to grow but not enough to noticeably wet the carpet. I was tired of trying to figure out how, why and when this moisture was getting in. Their guarantee of no water to be found in the basement or they will come back was enough for me to make this improvement. The fact it increases the value of the home was a factor in my decision. Wilson was professional and gave me lots of information as to what they were doing and why. The Electricians came back to address a buzzing noise and found the issues. Steve, the owner, stopped by to check in on things. This is not a cheap improvement, but considering that mold is extremely dangerous to one's health. It was worth it. Of course, I wish I did this sooner. I'd recommend First Choice for sure.
Basement Waterproofing in Edison, NJ
My husband and I couldn't be happier with First Choice Waterproofing. The company was extremely accommodating with everything from setting up the appointment around our busy work schedules to ensuring the work was complete in a timely fashion. All of our questions were answered in terms that made sense to us (trust me we had a lot!). Not once did we feel pressured to make a decision and even called back multiple times before the work was done and we were met with professionalism each time! Our basement is now DRY and we have a sump pump with a battery back up that we know we can rely on.
Wall Crack Repair in Hawthorne, NJ
Reasonable and reliable, I couldn't be happier with the work. Very clean and quickly done too. Excellent contractor!
Basement Waterproofing in Lawnside, NJ
First Choice Water Proofing removed my old French drain and replaced it with their new drainage system. With all of this snow and rain my old system would have been continually running and at some point been overwhelmed. In contrast my new system is working just fine and my basement is completely dry. When the pumps do run you can barely hear them unless you are standing right next to it..... Steve was friendly, professional, and courteous through out the entire process. I would definitely recommend First Choice to others..
Basement Waterproofing in Flemington, NJ
Came right on time, finished in 1 day. Clean up was fabulous. cleaned things that were dirty before they even got to my house. The crew only stopped working long enough to eat lunch. I had the basement waterproofing done about a month ago, waited this long to write a review because I wanted to make sure it was going to work. we have had lots of rain and a few very hard downpours and my basement is still dry. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants the job done right the first time around