Over time, homeowners may notice their foundation walls gradually becoming bowed, tilted, or leaning inwards. Bowed walls are a critical concern because the foundation walls cannot support the structure above ground. Once a foundation wall begins to curve, it can lead to structural damage, including a collapsed foundation wall.

At First Choice Waterproofing, we have the appropriate and practical techniques to repair a bowed wall before it is too late. We recommend contacting our professional team if there are noticeable signs of bowed foundation walls to help save your home and wallet. Bowed foundation walls can cause extensive structural damage and expensive repair costs. Contact our experts today to fix your bowed walls immediately.

Causes of Bowed Foundation Walls

Generally, hydrostatic pressure is the primary cause of foundation cracks and bowed foundation walls in basements. The excess water surrounding the foundation adds force to the soil, which causes the foundation to shift and settle. Although brick, block, and concrete foundation walls are sturdy, the pressure is too powerful and causes the walls to bow, tilt, or lean inwards.

Homeowners should do annual checks of their foundation walls to watch for visible cracks or curving walls.

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Our Bowed Wall Repair Solutions

At First Choice Waterproofing, we utilize the best quality and most effective techniques to ensure our customers’ homes are safe and sturdy. Carbon fiber is a popular solution for foundation repairs. This method uses carbon fiber strips made with a custom bi-directional weave and double stitching pattern. The carbon fiber strip fastens to the wall using a sill plate and connects to the foundation base for equal distribution of pressure.

Our carbon fiber reinforcement option passed rigorous testing and engineering to be a friendly installer and firmly secure solution. Whether a residential or commercial foundation, our 25-year transferable warranty guarantees we will stand behind our product.

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Carbon Fiber benefits include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    • Foundation repair technology will not devalue the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can paint over the carbon fiber to ensure the wall is uniform.
  • Cost-Effective
    • Carbon fiber is now the most affordable foundation repair solution for different foundation damage forms, including cracks and bowing.
  • Quick to Install.
  • 25-Year Transferable Warranty.
  • Top bracket ties to joists for ultra-secure connection.
  • Strongest bottom bracket connection in the industry.
  • 8-Inch Wide Strap allows spacing up to 6 Feet.
  • Best in class performance against shear forces.

Carbon Fiber uses:

  • Bowed Walls
  • Corner Wall Repair
  • Foundation Cracks

Perform annual checkups on your basement foundation walls to ensure there are no present bowing issues. If you notice a bowed or leaning inward wall, contact First Choice Waterproofing for a free inspection to confirm. Our Foundation Repair Specialists will work with you to determine the best solution to fix the bowed wall and prevent future damage.

Protect your home and call us at 732-430-2026 for bowed foundation repair services.

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